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Choose one of these options for your educational group: 

Whether you are looking for a self-guided visit for a daycare group, an interactive class visit, a deep dive into a certain subject, or you need some history brought to you--

we've got you covered! 

A Museum Visit

Your museum visit begins with an introduction to just what a museum is and what role it plays in our community. Then groups of students are tasked with exploring the museum while they use a small workbook as their guide. Lower elementary grades use a guide book focused on basic skills, observation, and exploration. Upper elementary grades use a guidebook that folds in critical thinking, interdisciplinary learning, and problem solving.  Older grades are tasked with scavenger hunts or custom guidance. Developing lifelong learning skills and good citizenship was never more fun!

An Educational Program at the Museum

If you are in need of a educational program on a specific topic, talk to us! We can offer programs on historical thinking, art appreciation, ecology, teamwork and soft skills, adult ELL practice sessions, and more!

An Educational Program or Guest Speaker at YOUR site

Whether you need an "in house field trip" to come to you or you want one of our team members to give a presentation for a civic group or club, email us to talk about what you need. 

Access a recorded lesson here: 

Coming soon, we are working on recorded versions of popular lessons. Until then, check out our Activities page for some at-home fun. 

Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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