Our mission is to provide education relative to the history and culture of an area of Brazoria County, Texas known as Lake Jackson. 

249 Circle Way,

Lake Jackson,

TX 77566

Free Admission 

Tuesday - Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm 



Flight of an Eagle 

Gone with the whispering wind 

Lake Jackson Memories 

Birth of a City 

Growth of a City 



Sign of the Times:

The Great American Political Poster, 1844–2012

Calling all Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, and even Whigs!! On July 7th, an exciting and timely exhibit featuring presidential campaign posters dating back to 1844 continuing through 2012 opens at the museum. Sponsored by BASF and candidates for local office

R.L. (Buster) Buell, Kristin Bulanek, Ro'Vin Garrett, Courtney Gilbert, Patrick Henry, Fred Ortiz, Gerald Roznovsky, Cody Vasut.

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New Exhibition Now Open 

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249 Circle Way 

Lake Jackson, TX 77566 - Map 

Phone: (979) 297 - 1570

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