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Summer 2023 Research Internship

Application Deadline: June 2, 2023 at 11:59 PM
Internship Duration: June 12 - July 31, 2023
About the Internship

In an effort to promote the educational value of our collection and cultivate local historical interest among students, the Lake Jackson Historical Association will offer two 8-week research internships to high school and college students from Harris and Brazoria Counties in summer 2023. The purpose of this internship is to support new research and perspectives on our history in order to expand and diversify our knowledge of Lake Jackson’s rich and complex past. 


We will accept two student interns who will be expected to conduct historical research on a topic of their choice using our archives and collections. Each intern’s chosen topic must center Lake Jackson history and align with the LJHA mission. 


  • The summer internship will begin the week of June 12, 2023 and end the week of July 31, 2023. 

  • Interns’ schedules may be flexible, however they will be expected to work on their projects at least 10 hours per week.

  •  Interns may work remotely, however may need to visit the Lake Jackson Historical Museum or other archival repositories when non-digitized items are needed for research. 

  • Excursions to nearby archives, museums, or local historic sites necessary for the intern’s project will also count toward those hours. 

  • Interns will also be expected to meet with the Program & Education Coordinator once a week to provide project updates. LJHA staff will do our best to accommodate the intern’s schedule. 

Interns will be paid a $500 stipend that will be distributed evenly over the 8-week internship. This stipend is intended not only to compensate the intern for their time and effort, but should also be used to pay for materials and travel expenses that the intern may need to complete their projects. At the conclusion of their internship, interns will be expected to present their findings in a public presentation or display.

How to Apply

To apply, write an approximately 400-500 word project proposal that clearly indicates the following: 

  • What topic of Lake Jackson history would you like to study? Below are some topics that LJHA is currently interested in, however we welcome applicants to propose original topics that may not be included in this list. 

  • How do you envision the final product of your research? Examples include a final paper, poster(s), slideshow presentation, performance, video(s), or website. 

  • Have you conducted any big research projects in school before? Are you good with technology? Let us know what your skills are and how you could apply them to this internship. No historical research experience is necessary to apply. 

  • Include what school, grade (if applicable), and major program (if applicable) you are enrolled in or recently graduated from.

Please also submit one letter of recommendation from someone who can vouch for your work ethic. Identify a teacher/professor, coach, organization leader, or employer who can attest to your strengths and dependability. 


Email your proposal and letter of recommendation to Katelyn Landry, Program & Education Coordinator, at by June 2, 2023 at 11:59 PM. 


Potential Research Topics

We encourage you to explore our online collection to develop your own research ideas:

  • Karankawa history and culture 

  • Lifeways & descendants of African Americans enslaved at the Lake Jackson Plantation

  • Convict leasing at Lake Jackson Plantation

  • Interpretations of archaeological artifacts excavated from the Jackson Plantation Historic Site

  • Communities in the Lake Jackson area prior to Dow Chemical’s arrival

  • Impact of Dow’s magnesium production on World War II 

  • Local businesses & civic/social groups

  • Racial segregation & integration

  • Institutional history of LJHA

Employment Opportunities

There are no open staff positions at this time.

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