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Lake Drug

In the year of Lake Jackson’s founding, 1943, the iconic Lake Drug began. Art Webb and D’Orville Evans opened the Proctor-Walgreen Drug Store that had a Humble Service Station attached. Soon after, they sold the service station to Burley Schmidt, which later became known as Schmidt’s Service Station. The drug store became known as Lake Drug. It served this young community well as a “hot spot” to gather, share gossip and stories, have a cup of coffee (5 cents – free refills), listen to the jukebox, and have a treat from the soda fountain.

According to early residents, the sign in the window read, “Open from 8 am till 10 pm seven days a week. Closed Christmas Day.” A later owner, Carlton E. Young, would even keep the drug store open during hurricanes in order to provide for Lake Jackson residents! The final location of Lake Drug was on the corner of This Way and That Way, now home to Tammie’s Touch.

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