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Lake Jackson 
Historical Museum 

The Mission of the LJHA is to provide education relative to the history and culture of an area of Brazoria County,  Texas which is known as Lake Jackson. 

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Free Admission 

Tuesday - Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm 

249 Circle Way,

Lake Jackson, TX 77566

Explore our Exhibits 

First Floor Exhibits

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Second Floor Exhibits 

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Windecker Eagle

The year 1528 marks the

first recorded encounter

between the Karankawa and

the Spanish settlers in Texas.

Between 1843 to 1864

Abner Jackson operated

and owned the 

Jackson Plantation. 

On November 11, 1942,

the Dow Chemical Company

hires Alden B. Dow

to design Lake Jackson. 

The Windecker Eagle first set

flight on October 7, 1967 

Keeping staff and your family safe!

The Lake Jackson Historical Museum is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.  


The building's occupancy is limited to 50 persons, and we are asking our visitors to maintain social distancing between groups. 

Hands-on History

Hands-on history provides our viewers with a topic pertaining to history or cultures around the world. The presentation is then followed by a craft activity. The crafts shown are selected in accordance with the short history/cultural presentation.

About: Explore Norwegian culture and the traditions of basket making. In this series learn how to make paper Christmas baskets. 

What you need: 

Red and white paper, scissors 

Download: Christmas Heart Basket Template 

About: Explore the history of the Japanese Tsuru (Japanse crane) and learn how to make an origami crane. 

What you need:

8 x 8 paper (any color or paper will do)

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