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We are excited to offer free educational field trips to each of our locations! Please view our field trip scheduling procedures and download the form you will use to begin scheduling your visit.

Click here to download the field trip scheduling procedures and form.

Don't forget to download our TEKS-aligned pre- and post-visit lesson plans to enhance your trip! Click here to view our lesson plans.

Visit our main location to learn about Lake Jackson's rich history. Your tour guide will lead you throughout the museum starting with the Karankawa Native Americans and touching on the Jackson Plantation Historic Site, the development of the city of Lake Jackson, the influence of Alden B. Dow and Dr. A.P. Beutel. You'll learn even more

using our field trip scavenger hunt!

Field Trips 

The Alden B. Dow Office museum has played a large role in Lake Jackson's history and development. The space has housed multiple businesses and organizations and has since been restored to it's original form. Come learn about its interesting past and see our rotating exhibits!


Please note: the space can accommodate approximately 45 people at a time,

making it great for specialized

field trips!

The Jackson Plantation Historic Site, a formerly operating sugar mill, is now an archaeological site. The site contains the remains of the main house, the mill, and several other buildings left behind after the Hurricane of 1900. 

Please note: the site is completely outdoors! We are excited to host groups, but will need to do so with the

weather in mind.

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