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Black History of Lake Jackson

In February 2023, the Lake Jackson Historical Association presented Black History of Lake Jackson, a pop-up display highlighting African American history in Lake Jackson, TX. The display was on view from February 7 through March 4, 2023 at the Lake Jackson Historical Museum. The exhibit begins with an introductory poster which is followed by eight posters on the following subjects: 

  • Slavery at the Lake Jackson Plantation (1840-1865)

  • Freedom and resistance among emancipated African Americans at the Lake Jackson Plantation (1865-1870)

  • Convict leasing at the Lake Jackson Plantation (1870s - 1880s)

  • Segregation in the city of Lake Jackson (1940s - 1960s)

  • Strides toward integration in Lake Jackson and at Dow Chemical (1960s - 1970s)

  • The Davis Family: First African American family in the city of Lake Jackson 

  • Sharon Barnes: First African American City Councilmember in Lake Jackson

  • Jon "J.B." Baker: First African American Police Officer in Lake Jackson

This exhibit was intended to provide a broad overview of important figures, events, and movements which impacted African American communities in and around Lake Jackson. There is vast opportunity to conduct further research and launch future exhibits that delve into deeper detail about each topic presented here.  

Scroll through the gallery below to read the posters originally displayed in February 2023. To enlarge an image, click on the image and then click the enlarge icon. 

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