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FM 2004 at the Park Ride near HWY 332

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About: Founded in the 1840s, the Jackson Plantation was the second of three plantations developed by Abner Jackson. Originally known as "Lake Place", the site was once a bustling sugar plantation that stretched over 4642 acres with more than 80 enslaved workers.


The site is significant to the history of industrialized sugar production in Brazoria County, it has been designated as a State Antiquities Landmark by the Texas Historical Commission. Visitors can explore the archeological remains of this historic site, most notably those of the main house and sugar mill. 

What to Expect 

The main house, sugar mill, and structures A,B,C,D, were all excavated during several archeological field schools in the 1990s. There are additional structures E through J, that have yet to be excavated. 

Excavated Sites

Sugar Mill 



Main House 

Store Room 


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In this image the sugarmill has been excavated and exposed to the public.