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101 S. Parking Place

Lake Jackson, TX 77566


10 am-4 pm


The Alden B. Dow Office Museum is now open. You can witness Alden Dow's mid-century style office located in downtown Lake Jackson. The distinctive shape of the window of the office has served as an icon of the city and is currently the museum's logo.


Alden B. Dow Office Museum

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Eye-Catching Sculpture

Near the Alden B. Dow Office Museum 

Several years ago, the landscape architectural firm, White Oak Studio in Houston, was charged with reimagining the space across from the Alden B. Dow Office Museum (known as Carriage Square). 


Mr. Dow, who planned the city of Lake Jackson, was an early proponent of the mid-Century modern look (MCM), which was popular during the post WWII era (circa 1945-1969). 

Therefore, the architects wanted to preserve the MCM theme in their project and, in doing so, create a feature that would capture the public's attention.  White Oak artist Cheryl Quinn became fascinated with an old photo of Mr. Dow's early 1940's office.  In one corner of it hung a ceiling to floor mobile. The piece exhibited characteristics of mid-Century modern art: simple lines, round discs, and balls. 


Inspired by the mobile, she incorporated its elements into the design of her Carriage Square sculpture. Ms. Quinn also intentionally selected the teal and yellow color scheme in keeping with the MCM penchant for bright colors. The prominent structure, which is made of aluminum and steel, was installed into the city landscape in May, 2018.

Sculpture .JPG
Alden Doww Structure old pic highlighted

Alden B. Dow sitting in his office. 

180326 Focal Feature w Pavilion.jpg

Rendering from artist Cheryl Quinn. 

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