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The city of Lake Jackson is located adjacent to an oxbow lake of the same name. The land was part of the original Stephen F. Austin land grant from Mexico in 1822. Abner Jackson began to develop the land in 1842, and his family and slaves resided there until 1870, when the end of the Civil War ultimately ended the habitation of the plantation. The land was bought to resume the production of sugar in 1900, but the effort was quickly ended by the famous Galveston storm. In 1938, the Dow Chemical Company bought the land in their effort to build a chemical plant on the Gulf Coast. The plant size greatly expanded with the advent of World War II, and beginning in 1943 Alden Dow designed one of the first planned communities to house Dow employees. The city expanded after the war, and the chemical plant grew to the second largest in the world. By 2010, the population of Lake Jackson had grown to 27,000.


Dimensions: 6.5 (w) x 9.25 (h)

Lake Jackson by Harry Sargent

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